Taal Volcano spews ashes over Manila and its neighboring towns

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Photo Credit: Facebook by Herbert A. Ellovido

I did not even know that Tall Volcano is erupting today until my friend GPCox of Pacific Paratrooper told me. Thanks GP. Please pray for all those affected by its fury.

I then took a look at the news and this is what I found.


I called my brother and he checked back home. My cousin who lives in Bauan which is a little further than my hometown got a dusting. They heard a rumbling thunder then tremors. Alitagtag where Mom used to live is just across the lake. I thank God Mom is not around to experience this. Residents of Taal are being evacuated but the mayor said the visibility is not good so drivers are driving very slow. I believe most affected are north of the volcano which includes Metro Manila where the wind is shifting north- northeast. Alitagtag is south of the lake and about 3 miles as the crows fly from the volcano.

Back on August 17, 2013, I posted about Taal Volcano. Click here to read it. When I checked my stats this morning I was wondering why there were so many clicks on the post. Now, I know why.  


11 thoughts on “Taal Volcano spews ashes over Manila and its neighboring towns

  1. Of course- what a scary situation 😦 One resident’s quote in an article summed it up I guess- “it’s all in God’s hands now.” Praying that Taal goes back to sleep!
    And, aw, thanks for picking the book up- I hope you enjoy it!

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