Is it Hard to Learn the Filipino Language?

I dare Americans learn how to speak Tagalog. So easy!


As those of you who have been following my blog for a while know, I speak Tagalog or Filipino (my wife’s native language) rather fluently.

Was it hard for me to learn it?

What does it mean to learn a language?

Well, before answering this question I must first clarify what I mean by learning a foreign language, because, although I have been speaking Tagalog since 2001, sometimes there are still words I don’t understand when I hear my wife and her mother talking.

To me learning a foreign language doesn’t mean knowing the entire vocabulary of that language, but, rather, being able to live in a foreign environment without having to rely on a native speaker for help.

While in the Philippines I was able to take buses alone and travel around alone, go to the palengke alone and so on.

Right now I am living with my wife…

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