USS Cod (SS 224)

A wonderful tribute to a great submarine!

Pacific Paratrooper

U.S.S.Cod(SS 224), was launched on March 21, 1943. under the command of CDR James C. Dempsey, USN. Dempsey had already won fame by sinking the first Japanese destroyer lost in the war while in command of a tiny, World War I-era submarine.

It was onCod‘s third patrol, Dempsey’s last in command, thatCodfought her biggest battle. Tracking a massive Japanese convoy heading for Subic Bay in the Philippines on the night of May 10, 1944,Codmaneuvered into firing position just after sunrise.Codfired three of her four stern tubes at the Japanese destroyer,IJN Karukaya,before unloading all six of her bow tubes at two columns of cargo ships and troop transports. Dempsey watched as the first torpedo exploded under the destroyer’s bridge after a short, 26 second run. Both smoke stacks collapsed and dozens of enemy sailors (watching for submarines) were tossed high…

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