Pacific War in art – 1944

Great WWII paintings!

Pacific Paratrooper

As promised, here is an example of other works of art for the following year of the Pacific War…

USMC in the Marshall Islands, 31 Jan 1944, by: James V. Griffin


Truk Island, Carolinas, by: Frank Lemon


RNZAF, May 1944 with Corsairs


Saipan Jun-july 1944, by: Robert Benney


War Weary, by: Jack Fellows


Guam, July-Aug. by: Howard Gerard


Peleliu Invaded, Sept. 1944, By: Tom Lea


Avengers of the Philippines, by: John D. Shaw

November 14, 1944 . . . As smoldering enemy ships mark a trail to Manila Bay, Avengers and Hellcats of Air Group 51 overfly the isle of Corregidor on their return to the carrier U.S.S. San Jacinto.

With the misty mountains of Bataan standing as a silent sentinel, Naval LT (JG) George H.W. Bush pilots his TBM in one of his last combat missions of WWII. The valor of Bush’s…

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