The Legend of the Philippines

Sea and Bird
Photo credit: manfredrichter @pixabay


Several million years ago, there was nothing but the enormous sea and the expansive sky. In the vast emptiness, a cunning bird came and saw the calmness of the sea and the beauty of the glorious sky. At first, the bird thought it was really pleasant, beautiful and extremely peaceful. The bird watched it every day, flying over the wave year in and year out. A few years passed and one day, the bird became restless because the scenery was the same all the time day in and day out and it started to get monotonous and boring. The bird thought what a waste it was. The bird also needed a place to land and rest its weary wings. The bird kept on thinking what it could do to make the place more interesting. For days, the bird could not think of anything else. It kept on thinking, thinking hard and thinking harder. The bird had to do something to break the monotony.

One day, a light flashed into its tiny head. “What a great idea,” the bird shouted aloud. “Maybe I can do something to create a confrontation between the quiet sea and the blue sky. I can make them quarrel with each other. I can drop a seed on the sea in the hope of opening up dry land. But where would I get the seed? There was nothing here. I could fly to some distant shore. That’s what I would do.” And so the bird did what he wanted to do.

The bird flew away to some faraway places looking for the right seed. It took the bird a long time but he found the precious seed at some distant shore. The bird returned and executed what it thought was a brilliant idea. The bird felt smugly at the prospect of what would happen next. Just as expected, the sea saw the seed begin to sprout and thought it was the sky that did it. The sea, angry at the sky spouted huge amount of foaming waves at the sky and the sky in turn grumbled and spat down tons and tons of rocks and dirt to stop the crashing waves of the sea. As the sky got wetter and wetter, the sky retaliated and sent violent thunder and blinding flash of lightning and more boulders and rocks at the sea. It went on for days.

Finally, bombarded by the sheer number and weight of the rocks and dirt, the sea gave up defeated and retreated. When things quieted down, the bird knew it achieved its goal and was ecstatic. The bird landed in the small island formed by the boulders and rocks and the Philippine archipelago was born.



15 thoughts on “The Legend of the Philippines

  1. I re-read this post and I just adore the story. YOu, Rosalinda are also a terrific story-teller!
    I would like to have your permission to send the story of the Americans landing and evacuating your village to the 11th Airborne Association and a friend of mine who used to edit their newspaper. It would make both a great post for not only your site, but mine!1


  2. GP. Thanks. You have my permission. I was not sure if it is too long but if you think it’s okay then go ahead. I think it’s a great idea and as you said it will be good for both our websites.


  3. Then – it is a go, but not until I get my computer back. Working on this notebook/laptop for me is difficult. I think it’s fantastic that you remember this story – and please – any others will be gratefully accepted!!


  4. Something to look forward to. If I remember something else, I’ll let you know.
    I know what you mean working on laptop. I hate them. I work on my desktop.
    I’m doing the NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow so I’ll be stuck with that for the month of November. I have an idea on what to write. It will be interesting what I make of it.
    I’ll check my emails every so often and see if I have a note from you on this site. Thanks.


  5. Thanks for sending me this article. I remember seeing it on twitter. It’s about time the Filipino veterans got the recognition they deserve. They fought as hard as the U.S. soldiers.
    This month has been crazy. I’ve been so busy with NANOWRIMO plus other things, I haven’t blogged much.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy.


  6. So true. Believe it or not, it was only about 25 years ago that the US told the world about the Navajo Code Talkers, the Commonwealth Nations seemed to have most of their records incorporated into the British records as one entity and the civilians in every country fail to become as recognized as they should.


  7. I have just heard that Mt. Mayon is acting up with lava beginning to flow. I hope you do not have relatives near there, they say it may erupt.


  8. I saw the news. Luckily I have no relatives near there. Taal Volcano is what worries me but Mom is confident that it will never reach my town. My townfolks believe in the power of the Holy Cross of Alitagtag. It has protected them for years they say.

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  9. GP, I’m posting the continuation of Dad’s story tonight at my other website with a note to go to your website first. I don’t want to post it here because the reblog button won’t show for reason I can’t figure out.


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