Stanley Karnow’s Philippines

In Our Image: America's Empire in the PhilippinesIn Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines by Stanley Karnow

If you like Philippine History, this is one of the best books written about the Philippines. It is well researched. Born and raised in the Philippines, I thought I knew a lot of Philippines history. There were some new information in the book that I did not know – most of the history about the Spanish-American War and the role Teddy Roosevelt played. That was never emphasized in school when I was young. There were some characters that I haven’t heard about and it was interesting to know about them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It gives me a new perspective on how the nation was formed. Highly recommended.

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13 thoughts on “Stanley Karnow’s Philippines

  1. Rosalinda,
    I receive emails from the American Battle Monuments Commission every month and this article was in the letter that arrived yesterday. I thought you might be interested in giving them your father’s stories too.
    Hope all is well this holiday season for you and yours,
    GP Cox

    Do you have a personal connection with Manila American Cemetery?
    We’re working on a film for our new visitor center at Manila American Cemetery, and we’re looking for people who are willing to be interviewed on-camera. The film tells the story of battles fought in the Pacific Theater, the powerful bond created between the United States and the Philippines during the war, and most importantly, the sacrifices made by those who fought and died.

    We’re looking for interviewees who fit the following description:

    World War II veteran who served in the Philippines during the war; or
    Direct next of kin (sister, brother, son, daughter) of a veteran who served in the Philippines during the war
    If you or someone you know would be interested in participating, contact Kaycee Garcia at Aperture Films by email or phone (949) 271-1778. Interviews are not guaranteed.


  2. GP,
    Thanks for the info. I just might do what you say. I would recommend Dad to be interviewed but he passed on 10 years ago but Mom is still alive. She just celebrated her 95th birthday four days ago and I felt guilty I did not go home to join the celebration. My brother told me she is still strong. Being a caregiver does not give me time for anything else. When this is over, my husband suggested I go home and stay there for three months.
    I have to get back to blogging. With Nanowrimo and then Christmas preparation, I can’t wait for January. Enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wish you the best in 2018.


  3. I have my pictures stored in some boxes so I dug them up and found some. The only one of my father that was in handy was Dad’s and Mom’s picture at home on their 50th. I have 2 pictures of the jungle that my brother took, a picture of Tagaytay, another of Taal Lake below and the zigzag road in Cuenca where heavy fighting occurred before the army reached Manila. All taken in 1993 when I went home after 26 years abroad. How do I get them to you? I can’t seem to post them in the reply portion of my website. I’m not a techie. I know you don’t want to use your email which I don’t even know. So how do we do this? Email me at if you want to use that. I only use this email occasionally. All my emails go to my Comcast account.


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