Pacific Theater items

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Lipa Railway Station, May 1945 showing damage, looking south from Lipa Cathedral The 11th Airborne continued their patrols, moping up details and training at Lipa. General Swing had another jump school built that created 1,000 newly qualified paratroopers. Plus, the entertainer, Joe E. Brown came to visit. The new glider…


Mount Macolod part 2

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The reduction of Mount Macolod 2 April, the 187th attacked and cleared the area to the base of the mountain, but were unable to hold the ridges. One pocket of the enemy were dug in between the two southern ridges and small Japanese patrols were strewn along the highway near…

Mount Macolod, LUZON

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Mt. Macolod, Luzon US Army still fighting Yamashita’s formidable soldiers… When General Swing, Commander of the 11th Airborne Division, moved into the stripped-down Manila Hotel Annex, General Krueger began to visit him every other day. His competitive nature tried to get Swing to back-off from pushing into Manila first by…

Los Banos part 2

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Los Banos depicted by: Mariusz Kozik First Lt. John Ringler was in charge of those troopers who would drop 900 yards from the camp. They made their jump at approx. 500 feet instead of the usual 700-1,000′ since the drop zone was so small and the men would have less…

Luzon February 1945 (1)

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Entering Manila The 6th and 8th Armies on Luzon were repeatedly in close and brutal combat with the Japanese.  By dawn on 4 February the paratroopers ran into increasingly heavy and harassing fire from Japanese riflemen and machine gunners. At the Paranaque River, just south of the Manila city limits, the…

A tribute to my parents on their 79th wedding anniversary if they are here today

With the war going on in Ukraine, I thought of the war in the Philippines when I was a baby. War is a terrible thing, and in memory of my parent’s 79th wedding anniversary, I’m reposting this story of how Dad’s decision saved our lives from the massacre. Otherwise, my three brothers and I won’t … More A tribute to my parents on their 79th wedding anniversary if they are here today

So, what now?

IF I WERE THE NEXT PRESIDENT (Part 15 and last of a series) By BEN R. PUNONGBAYAN Founder, Buklod National Political Party We need the right leader to make the many programs articulated in this Commentary Series happen. Unfortunately, we cannot find that person from the present cohort of political leaders. These present leaders are … More So, what now?