Bohol – Home of the Chocolate Hills

    Bohol has become synonymous with Chocolate Hills located northeast of Tagbilaran, the provincial capital. Clusters of these cone-shaped mounds are scattered over about 50 square km. (about 30 sq. m.) around Sagbayan, Carmen, and Sierra Bullones in Central Bohol. Numbering 1,268 in all, the hills are formed of sedimentary limestone, shale, and sandstone … More Bohol – Home of the Chocolate Hills

A New Specie of Ancient Human Discovered in the Philippines

  The landmark discovery announced in Nature on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 makes Luzon the third Southeast Asian island in the last 15 years to bear signs of ancient human activity. Homo luzonensis, a newly discovered human specie unknown to science, was found in Callao Cave in Peñablanca, Cagayan in northern Philippines. The specie is … More A New Specie of Ancient Human Discovered in the Philippines

The Ice Age – Part 2

      During the glacial or ice age periods, the sea level was lowered because the ice sheets were formed upon the surface of the land. The huge ice sheets contained a considerable portion of the earth’s water. Much land was formed providing land bridges between continents for human and animal migrations permitting extensive … More The Ice Age – Part 2

The Ice Age – Part 1

  About two million years ago, the land was already formed. One large land area reached out into the Pacific Ocean from the Asian continent. Only the South China, Sulu and Celebes basins remained as seas. But events were taking shape in the earth’s polar region, causing three successive ice ages which lowered sea levels … More The Ice Age – Part 1