Butuan, the oldest Philippine settlement and the Balangays

  Before there was Philippines, there was already Butuan, a formal settlement along the banks of Agusan River which maybe the site of the oldest human settlement in the Philippines. Being an archipelago, the Philippines from the beginning is a seafaring nation. Because of Butuan’s location, the Butuanos were skilled boat builders and expert seafarers. … More Butuan, the oldest Philippine settlement and the Balangays

Plant and Animal Beginnings in the Philippines

Photo Credit – google.com What is Wallace’s Line? The Wallace Line runs up the Lombok Strait between Indonesian Islands Bali and Lombok. It continues north through the Makassar Strait that separates Borneo(Kalimantan) and Celebes (Sulawesi), turns east into the Pacific and then back north again to encompass the Philippines. The so-called Wallace’s line refers to … More Plant and Animal Beginnings in the Philippines

The Ice Age – Part 2

      During the glacial or ice age periods, the sea level was lowered because the ice sheets were formed upon the surface of the land. The huge ice sheets contained a considerable portion of the earth’s water. Much land was formed providing land bridges between continents for human and animal migrations permitting extensive … More The Ice Age – Part 2

The Ice Age – Part 1

  About two million years ago, the land was already formed. One large land area reached out into the Pacific Ocean from the Asian continent. Only the South China, Sulu and Celebes basins remained as seas. But events were taking shape in the earth’s polar region, causing three successive ice ages which lowered sea levels … More The Ice Age – Part 1