August 21, 1983‏, Ninoy Aquino Was Assassinated

A sad day for Filipinos!

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Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino Jr. was a prominent Philippine journalist and politician. He served the province of Tarlac as the mayor of Concepcion, provincial vice governor, and provincial governor, and then Senator of of the 7th Congress.

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During his term as a senator, he was the main political rival of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, and was one of the first to be arrested when Martial was declared and congress was abolished in 1972. He was put through military trial, charged with murder, illegal possession of firearms, and subversion. He endured seven years of incarceration before he was allowed to seek medical treatment in the United States for a heart condition.

After three years in exile, he returned to Manila, but was assassinated at the then Manila International Airport. His assassination sparked a chain of events that would eventually lead to the People Power Revolution of 1986.


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10 thoughts on “August 21, 1983‏, Ninoy Aquino Was Assassinated

  1. That’s great! I hailed from the Bicol region. Subli for us is more than just “pahiram”. “Pasubli” is heritage – something you will really treasure and pass on, unaltered, to the next generation.


  2. Yes, that too. I now live in the states and have only been back home four times since I left in 1967 but I still love my old home country so I started this blog. Your blog is quite educational too so we go educating the new generation. I was in hiatus for three months, just get blogging again last week.

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  3. Right in broad daylight. It must be horrible. I was in NY and I called Mom who was in Batangas right away because I somehow sensed something big would happen. I did not like the Marcoses especially Imelda. She was behind all the corruption. When Marcos declared Martial Law, I immediately applied for U.S. citizenship just in case.

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  4. I wish I have more time. After my husband died in May, it was a tough time getting back to normal activities. I decided to finish my unfinished novel before he got very sick. So between that and some other things, blogging stays in the back burner.

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